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The Other Lebowski
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Greetings Citizens!
My name is Nick. I am a 26 year old Sci Fi Nerd. Please feel free to add me to your friends list. I am usually busy touring the country because I am currently a member of the hit jazz sensation 'Sexy Chrisss and the Bionic Sound' as well as being world famous DJ Staypuft.

I am the moderator of the discussion community heated_debate. Please come join!
I also dress as a giant Lawn Gnome.

Duran Duran is Love.

Robert Smith is Beauty.

Robert Smith is Love.

Pet Shop Boys are Love.

Depeche Mode is Love

SpaceGhost Coast to Coast is Love.

Star Trek is Nerd Love.

The Empire is Totalitarian Love.

Zombies are Undead Love.

Elfquest is Love.

Gay Pride is Love.

Abortion is Not Murder.

Drugs Are Weak-Minded Idiot Love.

Kurt Cobain was Love.

TATU is Yummy Love.

Edward Scissorhands is Love.

Donnie Darko is Fear Love.

Homestarrunner is Love.

Homestarrunner is love Dot Com!

The Breakfast Club is Puberty Love.

Jack Skellington is Curious Love.

Super Mario Brothers is Love.

Koolaid is Love.

VH1 is Classic Love.

Moulin Rouge is Many Splendored Love.

Hitler is Cranky Artist Love.

Robots are Love.

Muppets are Puppety Love.

Saved by the Bell is Slater's Bad Hair Love.

The Black Knight is Invincible Love.

Alex is Droogy Love.

Ryan Dunn is Injured Jackass Love.

Puff the Magic Dragon is Autistic Love.

Muzzy is "No That's Not French It's American" Love.

John Cusack is Love.

Office Space is Lazy Love.

Che Guevara was Betrayed Love.

Wal-Mart is Love The Evil Empire.

Helen Keller is Love a Big Load of Shit and Lies.

Domo Kun is Love and Really Cute!

Spock is unemotional Love....

Lawn Gnomes are Love.

Gumby is Gooey Love.

Peeps Marshmallows are Love.

Cheese is Love.

Johnathan Rhys Meyers is Thespian Love.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is Pretty Gay Love.

Andy Warhol is Colorful Love.

George W. Bush is Love.
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